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Microvac Indonesia

We are an efficient data analytics and software development company in East Jakarta. We build our software systematically and give our finishing touches carefully.

Our experiences range in developing products and solutions for Java, .Net, Node.js, Windows and Unix platforms. We develop our products using C#, python, Javascript, C, PHP, F#, and Java. We are adept in persisting data to several relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sqlite, SQLServer, Oracle) and any NO-SQL store such as redis and MongoDB.

We are proficient and handling large volumes of data using hadoop, and use them to find meaningful answers with SAS, python, and solr.

Our Products and Solutions


Online Workforce Registration System

eMiSS (Electronic Medical Information Security System) is an online registration system for workforces who wants to work in Brunei Darussalam. The main purpose of this system is to prevent forgeries and counterfeit of medical certificates. eMiss is currently used by embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Indonesia.

Technology used: PHP, MySQL, Kohana Framework.


Document Management and Approval System

E-Acceptance is document management and approval system built for thousands of users. E-Acceptance can handles variety of documents approval and reviews flow thanks to its runtime configurability.

The system handles the uploads of documents related to purchase and work order by users. Managements can approve or reject those documents following customized document flow.

Technology used: Java, JSF, Primefaces, JPA, PostgreSQL.

Credit Predix

Credit Risk Rating Application for Banks

Using obligor financial and assets statement, scorecards, a very customizable model, and maybe credit rating from external rating agency such as Moody’s, S&P and Fitch, the system can calculate credit risk rating of an obligor and their facilities.

We implement this system for several banks.

Technology used: C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Smart Client Software Factory.

System Dynamic Modeling Tools

Tools to model a complex system to predict growth and values

This system is used to create and simulate system dynamics mathematic models. By using system dynamics we can predict more accurately any interaction and changes any entities in the model.

Technology used: C#, Typescript, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, AngularJS, MySQL.


GIS Oriented Tools For Telecommunication Providers

Grayscale is map-based data aggregator website for telecommunication industry. It provides display of their network coverage data acquired from base transceiver stations and user inputs. Some examples of coverage data includes 3G, 2G, GPRS network. Grayscale can also aggregates raw data and calculates their summaries for GIS based decision making..

Technology used: VB .Net, C#, Oracle


Each company needs a tailored solution

We also provide enterprise resource planning solution for our clients. Using open source ERP, we customize them based on client requirements. One of our client, PT. Bhumyamca Sekawan requires full capabilities of ERP system starting from Assets and Warehouse Management, Goods Movement, Financial and Accounting Module, Employee Management, and Tenant Management for their buildings.

Technology Used: Java, Openbravo ERP, OpenERP, Odoo.


Logistic Warehouse and Transaction Application

Lois is an online inventory system for managing transaction data in logistics and delivery of goods. It's developed using Python and Pyramid framework.

This system is being used right now by PT.Limas Setia Antar Nusa

Technology used: PHP, MySQL.


Map Based Sports Event Website

Sportskita is a map-based website to find sports activity, community, event and location in surrounding neighbourhood. Users can invite friends to join or build a sport community, find new friends to train together, and try to do sports they never did before

You can access sportskita website at

Technology used: Java, PostgreSQL, Play Framework 2.

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Feel free to email us to ask us to build a softwares, or just to say hello!

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