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We are an efficient data analytics and software development company in East Jakarta. We build our software systematically and give our finishing touches carefully. Our experiences range in developing products and solutions for Java, .Net, Node.js, Windows and Unix platforms. We develop our products using C#, python, Javascript, C, PHP, F#, and Java.

We are adept in persisting data to several relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sqlite, SQLServer, Oracle) and any NO-SQL store such as redis and MongoDB.

We are proficient and handling large volumes of data using hadoop, and use them to find meaningful answers with SAS, python, and solr.

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We'll analyze your data and give you tools for your decision making

Data Integrations

We combine your multiple data sources and find previously unknown insights

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We combine your various systems and present a seamless user experiences.


We develop custom software for your needs.

Our Portfolio

here are some of the projects we have done

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Online workforce registration system

eMiSS (Electronic Medical Information Security System) is an online registration system for workforces.

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Document management and approval system

E-Acceptance is document management and approval system built for thousands of users.

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System Dynamic Modeling Tools

Tools to predict growth and values

This system is used to create and simulate system dynamics mathematic models.

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GIS tools for telecommunication providers

Grayscale is map-based data aggregator website for telecommunication industry.

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Each company needs a tailored solution

We also provide enterprise resource planning solution for our clients. Using open source ERP.

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